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Customer Benefits :
Mobile networks are becoming increasingly complex; few users can correctly set parameters for a certain service. A service using the air interface to set parameters of mobile phones arises at the historic moment. The OTA Provisioning Service can provide necessary parameters for terminals to access network services such as connection information and application information which helps ordinary users to conveniently use services and applications.

MSAI Support Various Phone Models :
Currently most of the terminals are web enabled, but different phones requires different personal parameter configuration. OTA Management Platform needs to adapt the difference for supporting the correct configuration. MSAI OTA solution supports OTA-configuration of more than 10000 handset models from all leading manufactures including Support Various Settings. MSAI OTA management Platform supports various settings including APN, MMS, WAP, EMAIL, Streaming, Video sharing, etc.
Multi-Trigger Modes :
Multi-Trigger modes are available in MSAI OTA solution which not only brings better user experiences, but also makes it possible for operators to manage device and monitor service.
User initiated by SMS
User initiated by WEB portal
Initiated via operator’s portal
Initiated via SOAP interface
Scalability, Redundancy and Reliability :
These are achieved by using a distributed software architecture and hardware deployment, enabling traffic expanding through simple server stacking in load balancing mode.

OTA Client Provisioning :
Client Provisioning is the process by which a WAP client is configured with a minimum of user interaction. The term covers both over the air (OTA) provisioning and provisioning by means of, e.g., SIM cards.
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