MKey™ provides Indian Language algorithm patch (ILAP) comprising of font and keyboard layout which conforms to Indian Standard 16333 (Part 3) to enable the Licensee to embed these on to their smart mobile devices.

MKey™ supports and guides Licensee in enabling its smart mobile devices for inputting of text along with message readability of all 25 Indian Languages (including sub-languages) and English as defined in IS 16350 (Enhanced in-script keyboard layout)

MKey™ has the Indian Language Algorithm (ILA) conforming to India Standard 16333 (Part 3) capable of supporting the following fonts and keyboards layout:

Supported Indian Languages:
1. Assamese
2. Bangla/Bengali
3. Bodo (Boro)
4. Dogri
5. English
6. Gujarati
7. Hindi
8. Kannada
9. Kashimiri
10. Konkani
11. Maithili
12. Malayalam
13. Manipuri( Bengali)
14. Manipuri( Meeti Mayak)
15. Marathi
16. Nepali
17. Odia
18. Punjabi
19. Santhali (Oi Chiki)
20. Santhali (Devnagri)
21. Sanskrit
22. Sindhi
23. Tamil
24. Telugu
25. Urdu