Device Management  
We support Device Management companies by providing them technical specifications of the mobile handsets and other devices which are operational in the Indian telecom eco system with a motive to benefit the operators in recognizing the specific attributes of mobile device so they can provide the adequate value added services and applications to the subscribers.

The company is at the forefront for having developed mFlamingo - online device capability mapping. mFlamingo allows their customers to interact with products in market and online as well.

It includes :
       • Supporting all Device management and operators.
       • Supporting the Brand owners.
       • Simplifying support for billions of connected devices

It is the opening up of new possibilities for all kinds of experiences – including WAP access. It provides Authentication of Data & Updated list of handsets devices on the planet. It is a fully redundant, globally accessible web service with a updated list of models.

Mobile Device Management : Key Considerations in Evaluating & Selecting a MDM Solution
Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a compelling technology that enables enterprises to proactively manage mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone, based on iOS, and Android devices. Management of mobile devices has many attributes of other IT Asset Lifecycle Management challenges but is complicated by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement when employees bring their own mobile device to work yet expect to have them managed centrally. Even when mobile devices are purchased for employees, management is still complicated by the fact that often employees have personal configuration requirements.

The best MDM solutions are able to logically partition the management of devices so that only corporate assets on the device are managed. The best mobile device management tools support over the air enrolment of devices in a totally non-disruptive way, but can also integrate device profile management with organization structures in LDAP or other directory systems. As more iPad and other table devices become mainstream corporate tools, mobile device management products have become an essential part of an IT Asset Management toolkit. GSMA Database is part of the 8-digit TAC forms the first part of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) so if you need TAC Number than we can help you as we have TAC database to cross check and help you, which identifies each individual mobile device and its model specification, this help us managing TAC database or IMEI Database
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