Device Management  
Device Management Solution :
MSAI is a Device Management solutions provide company. MSAI Provides automatic device detection and identification. It allows configuration of handset, feature phone, smart phone, and tablets etc. as per the operator’s requisite settings like GPRS, INTERNET, MMS, and BOOKMARKS etc. It’s designed to help operators take full advantage of service opportunities offered by the smart phone, while reducing customer care costs. MSAI Device Management makes a major contribution to savings, helping operators to reduce the number and duration of calls for configuration issues.

Mobile Device Management :
A new report on the Mobile Device Management (MDM) market finds that the twin phenomena of BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – and the consumerization of IT are driving greater interest in mobile device management (MDM) solutions as consumers increasingly bring their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices into enterprise settings. The proliferation of device types, platforms, operating systems and applications has overwhelmed IT managers and led to greater interest in MDM solutions. “Key Considerations in Evaluating & Selecting a MDM Solution” includes the latest trends, research and “hot button” issues on the MDM industry, including:
Key BYOD and consumerization of IT trends
Market evolution and segmentation
Needs and benefits addressed by MDM vendors
Security issues and architectures, including container versus platform approaches
Mobile applications (including app development, deployment and management)
MDM delivery models
Key partnerships within the MDM industry
MDM support offerings
The role of Mobile Application Management (MAM) vendors in relation to MDM players
Best practices for evaluating and choosing a MDM solution
MDM trends on the horizon
MDM industry SWOT analysis
In-depth MDM and MAM vendor profiles
Device Management Bridging the gap from customer satisfaction to greater business rewards, smartphone penetration is rising, thereby opening up great new service opportunities for mobile operators. But those opportunities come at a price. Because smart phone users are very keen to have the latest model, they tend to change phones frequently. And when they do so, they expect immediate access to their favourite services.

DM-Analyst :
MSAI provides DM Analyst reports to operators marketing teams about their handsets’ fleet. These reports combine device capabilities data with commentary to help them understand the addressable market and the trend. Marketing teams are then able to deploy new solutions or launch marketing campaign when the business cases make sense.