Quality Analysis  
MSAI provides quality analysis services for various wireless devices to help the industry with the complex task of testing and evaluation of these wireless devices. This includes defining and publishing test plans, managing test labs and implementing device certification programs. MSAI provides access to the Real Time Testing Status (RTTS) which helps in saving the time and improves the quality of the products.

MSAI utilizes its expertise and vast experiences to make sure that the quality of Mobile devices tested by them are one of the best of its kind. We have Quality Engineers in all Telecom circle across the country for performing the Field Tests on these mobile devices.

Operators, OEM vendors, Content and Service Providers and Mobile Enterprises utilize MSAI large infrastructure to test, measure and improve the end user requirements.

We constantly increase the number of Test Cases which are designed for the segmented market with core functionality Tests, RF Tests, Battery Tests etc to give the best coverage to the device under test.


       • Initialization, benchmarking & user interface testing.

       • Network and connectivity testing

       • Application and multimedia testing

       • Field testing

       • RF (Radio Frequency) Performance and testing

       • SAR ( specific adsorption rate) Compliance Testing

       • EMC Testing

       • Battery Power Testing

       • Hardware Testing

       • Value added services
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