Quality Analysis  
Quality Analysis (QA) :
As networks and devices become ever more diverse, effective testing has moved from being a dull necessity to a strategic imperative. High-quality testing has become a critical factor for improving the odds of a new product's commercial success. In the ever-changing connected world, new devices, standards, cross-industry applications, and infrastructure equipment are rolled-out almost monthly. State-of-the-art testing is vital to ensure future compatibility with all these new ecosystem elements, while at the same time retaining legacy compatibility. However, ensuring a high quality of testing poses multiple challenges. Testing methods and processes need to be constantly re-evaluated and updated to address today's wide range of use cases. It's now imperative to test for seamless integration into the network and broad interoperability with both contemporary and legacy technologies. Additionally, products must be compliant with a growing number of complex global certification requirements.

Quality Analysis :
Quality Analyst (QA) is in charge of ensuring that the application is built according to the plan. The analyst is in charge of testing the applications to ensure that the application will work according to the expectation of users and businesses. The errors in the application should be found by the analyst so that software developers could work on the errors until the application works without any difficulty.

MSAI will utilize its expertise and wide range of experience to make sure the quality of Mobile Handset devices are up to the best of its kind.
MSAI will exploit the presence of its Quality Engineers in all Telecom circle across the country, for performing the Field Tests on these devices.
Core Mobile Testing Parameters :
Initialization benchmarking & user interface testing.
Field testing across PAN India.
Value added services.
Application & multimedia testing.
Network & connectivity testing.
RF testing.
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