Quality Analysis  
Core Mobile Testing Parameters :
MSAI will ensure that branded Mobile Devices would be fully operational in the field with the Indian GSM/ CDMA networks along with their all features including FM, Multimedia, Camera, Screen, Messaging, Phonebook, etc.
MSAI will Pro-actively ensure that the all branded phones carry the correct Mobile Network Code for all the operators in the circle asked by any brand.
MSAI will perform the drive test in the field on mobiles to test the performance of the
mobile handsets during travelling.
MSAI will exploit the presence of its Quality Engineers in all Telecom circle across the country, for performing the Field Tests on these devices.
MSAI Provide Testing & Certification :
RF (Radio Frequency) Performance Testing Reports
Field Trial Reports
Safety Requirements Reports
SAR (Specific Adsorption Rate) Compliance Reports
EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Reports
Maximum Sound Pressure Reports
Drive Test Reports
Hardware Reports
Battery Power Reports
Software / Application Reports
Test Sets Reports
Technical Specification Observation Reports