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GII Rumor And Facts  
MSAI (Mobile Standards Alliance of India) is the official reporting body of GSMA for providing Genuine GII numbers to GSM Devices and mobile Handsets in India. MSAI provides GII related assistance to regulatory bodies, network operators and security agencies. MSAI along with GSMA, COAI and DoT (Govt. of India) had initiated the GII (Genuine GII Inside) program in the interest of consumers who had unwittingly bought handsets which did not have the genuine GII numbers.

As per the DoT Directive (Reference letter number NO-20-40/2006/BS-III (PT) (VOL.I)/201 dated 3rd September 2009), The GII program was started on September 3rd 2009 and was closed on midnight of 30th November 2009.

Hence we would like to inform all concerned that as per the DoT directive the GII program is officially closed after 30th November 2009 midnight. To safeguard the consumer’s interest we would like to illuminate facts over certain rumours which have been reported to us, so that innocent consumers don’t fall prey to the misleading acts.
  1. Rumour : GII can be implanted even after 30th November 2009 through GII program.
  Fact   : No, as per the DoT directive the GII program was closed on 30th November 2009 across the country. Any one implanting GII numbers either claiming as MSAI or on behalf of MSAI is doing it illegally and is violating DoT (Govt. of India) directive. Anyone getting these GII numbers implanted in their mobile handsets will be doing so at their own risk and their handsets may face disconnection by network operators.
  2. Rumour : DoT has extended the GII program for 45 days and MSAI has authorized few entities to do GII implantations after 30th of November 2009.
  Fact   : No, there is NO EXTENSION given by DoT (Govt. of India) or by any other agencies for the GII program to implant GII after 30th of November 2009. GII program is officially closed (one can download the DoT directive from
  3. Rumours : There are SPIDER CARDs / OXYGEN CARDs/ CDs carrying GII numbers which are available for sale in the open market for valid GII implantations.
  Fact   : GII numbers implanted through any cards (including SPIDER CARDs/ OXYGEN CARDs/ CDs etc.) are not valid.
  4. Rumours : Few mobile service shops in open market are still doing implantations claiming authorization by GSMA and MSAI.
  Fact   : The GII program is now closed; neither GSMA nor MSAI has authorized anyone, anywhere to implant GII numbers.
  5. Rumour : GII centers can provide valid GII numbers after 30th November 2009.
  Fact   : There is no GII center across the country to implant valid GII number after 30th November 2009.
  Hereafter we advise the consumer not to be mislead by any rumours floating in the market regarding GII program, MSAI team is available for answering any further queries at