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Company Facts  
MSAI is an independent and the world’s leading Testing and compliance checking company for mobiles phone standards, which is recognized and respected throughout the world for its expertise in approving products and systems for the Telecom and IT Sectors. MSAI is following a quality management system which fulfills all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard. We are committed to provide delightful services to our esteemed clients with timely services.

We are India’s leading telecommunication solutions and services provider, involved in developing standards for the mobile devices. We have lot of mobile brands and manufacturers worldwide avail MSAI services. The mobile manufacturers and brands trust us for their devices.

Over The Air Performance Analysis (OTA-PA) using our proprietary mFlamingo platform prior to their launch, we also specialize in development, distribution and integration of IMEI/MEID based mobile software services. Custom made solutions for government, Device Management (DM) companies, Network operator, Brand owner and Consumer is our forte.

Our Commitment To You
We are committed to adding value to your organization. Our success is centered on providing the appropriate expert advice to enable you to launch safe and reliable products and services, and helping you to demonstrate quality and confidence in what you offer to your own customers.
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