Mandatory testing and certification of telecom equipment (MTCTE) in India

The latest certification for selling, importing, or using telecom equipment in India.
The Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017, provides that every telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing and certification prior to sale, import or use in India. This is regulated through a scheme called Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE). MTCTE covers 55 types of telecom products along with associated variants. Testing is carried out to check conformance with essential requirements of the equipment, by labs designated by Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC). Certificates are issued by TEC based on the test reports.

The much-awaited notification for Phase-III & Phase-IV has been released covering almost all kinds of telecom products.


•  No telecom equipment degrades the performance of any existing network to which it is connected

•  Safety of end-users

•  Protection of users and public by ensuring that radiofrequency emissions from equipment do not exceed prescribed     standards

•  Compliance of telecom equipment with relevant national and internationalregulatory standards and requirements.

There are two types of certification schemes

General Certification Scheme (GCS): Under this scheme, the applicant shall be required to submit test wise compliance (summary sheet provided with the test report) along with the test reports itself, in accordance with the parameters included in the Essential Requirements (ERs), from any designated Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) or recognized CAB of Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) partner country. The test results shall be evaluated for compliance against respective ERs.

Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS):Under this scheme, the applicant must test the product in accordance with the Essential Requirements and submit a test wise compliance sheet along with a Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), in accordance with the parameters included in the ERs. All other rules/procedures that apply under the GCS shall apply in case of SCS, with the exception of the test reports, which are not required to be submitted by the applicant or evaluated by TEC. TEC, however, reserves the right to request a copy of the test report from the applicant to be submitted.

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