The Essential Requirements describe the technical regulations prescribed under this framework which include:
Electromagnetic interference (EMI)/Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Technical requirements (including wireless / radio frequency (RF))
Security: To be notified by Department of Telecommunication (DoT)
Other requirements: To be notified by DoT
Products covered by TEC/MTCTE include:
2 wire-telephone equipment
G3 fax machine
Cordless telephone
Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)
Integrated services digital network (ISDN) Customer-premises equipment (CPE)
Transmission Terminal Equipment
Passive Optical Network (PON) family of broadband equipment
Feedback device
Base station for cellular network
Repeater for cellular network
Compact cellular network
Smart camera
Smart watch
Smart electricity meter
Tracking device (with Embedded Signal Interface Module (SIM))
Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway
End-point device for environmental monitoring
Equipment operating in 2.4 & 5Ghz band
Transmission terminal equipment
Optical fiber (single mode)
Satellite communication equipment
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