Customs Ports  
MSAI supports all the customs port of the country by organizing the training and knowledge sharing workshops on validation and verification of IMEI numbers of Mobile handsets along with the GSM devices detection intelligence.

We also assist the Customs officials by providing them the access to the IMEI database and also the access of our web portal where they can check if the IMEI number and GSM device are genuine or not and if the GSM devices which are imported through their respective ports. We support our clients by representing them in front of the regulatory bodies against the unfavourable rules or for making standards in Mobile devices. For Customs port training of workshop e-mail us at Access of IMEI verification Please make a request on your official letterhead with department seal and stamp and e-mail us the scan copy to along with the hardcopies on our office address.

IMEI validation and verification Training/Workshop :
As a Subject matter expert we provide IMEI Verification & Validation trainings, GSM Device Intelligence workshop to all the customs port of the country For Training or workshop request please send us a request on

Access of IMEI Verification Portal :
We are maintaining Global IMEI database with regards to all the terminals which launched all over the world. To have an access of the Genuine IMEI verification portals, please send us a scan copy of request letter on your department letterhead with department seal and officials signature to, and also courier the hardcopy of the same to our office address mentioned in the contact us link.
Please download the request format by clicking on Request Format.