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OMA Client Provisioning is a backwards compatible extension of the client provisioning functionality included in WAP 2.0. This version has added support for direct access (and WAP Proxy support) and application access provisioning. The OMA Client Provisioning Enabler enablers operators to send new settings over the air; after receiving the settings the customer simply saves them to the phone and is then able to use the service. For the operator, simplifying access to advanced services can bring higher usage rates, new revenue streams, and reduced customer helpline costs. MSAI provides a complete solution for the management of OTA, a solution that has been widely adopted by major Network Operators in India. Parameter provisioning includes Automatic configuration of handset for GPRS, WAP, MMS, email, APN, Bookmarks etc.

OMA DM Overview :
Device Management is well established and reliable in the mobile value chain Interoperability is the key to seamless maintenance and integration of devices, services and applications – now and in the future OMA DM helps operators and IT departments manage access capabilities, diagnose problems and fix and update devices over the network.

OMA DM provides an Integrated and extensible framework for the OTA management needs of 3G mobile devices and beyond. The standard includes the OMA DM protocol specification, which is based on the Sync DM protocol. The protocol is optimized for OTA management - basic consideration being the resource and bandwidth limitations of mobile devices. OMA DM specification is designed for management of small mobile devices such as mobile phone. The device management is intended to support the following typical uses.

Provisioning :
Configuration of the device (including first time use), enabling and disabling features Configuration of Device – Allow changes to settings and parameters of the device.

Software Upgrades :
Provide for new software and/or bug fixes to be loaded on the device, including applications and system software.

Fault Management :
Report errors from the device, query about status of device All the above functions are supported by the OMA DM specification, and a device may optionally implement all or a subset of these features. Since OMA DM specification is aimed at mobile devices, it is designed with sensitivity to the following.