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OTA implementation for the mobile handset across the Network operators enables network operators to provision the requisite devices Over the Air.
OTA services allow handsets to be remotely managed by the service provider or manufacturer/ Brand owners.
MSAI provides a complete solution for the management of OTA, a solution that has been widely adopted by all the GSM Network Operators in India.
Parameter provisioning: Automatic configuration of handset for GPRS, WAP, MMS, email, APN.
Over-the-air (OTA) provisioning and management MSAI provides such a solution for mobile devices. The process of remotely managing device settings and applications is called Device Management. Device Management will help the widespread adoption of mobile services, as it provides a Mechanism for the users to easily subscribe to new services. For the operators this enables a fast and easy way to introduce new services and manages provisioned services, by dynamically adjusting to changes and ensuring a certain level of quality of service.

OTA/DM Solution :
Mobile networks are becoming increasingly complex, because of which few users can correctly set parameters for a certain service. A service using the air interface to set parameters of mobile phones arises at the historic moment.
Benefits of MSAI OTA Solution :
Broadest Support Various Phone Models
Enhance Web User Experience
Multi-Trigger Modes
Scalability, redundancy and reliability
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