CE can be obtained through several modules. One of the most practical ways, which is preferred by many EU importers who are neither specialized in the complicated CE process nor willing to take risk, is that the manufacturer designates an Authorized Representative in the EU member states who will handle the CE Mark approval, CE testing issues and ensure to meet the CE mark requirements, meanwhile the importers and/or distributors focus on the marketing and sales of the products.
The manufacturer may need only one authorized representative in EU whereas may have many importers and/or distributors. The Authorized Representative may in some cases register the product(s) in the EU member states and thus obtain a Certificate of Registration.

Function :
The primary purpose of the CE Mark is to declare the product conforms with the essential requirements of the European Directives. The CE Mark is designed to facilitate the free movement of products throughout the European Union and to encourage new products to be placed into the market. The European Directives also provide authority for customs and other law enforcement officials to remove non-conforming products from the marketplace.

Considerations :
CE only permits a product to be sold throughout the European Union. It is a declaration by the supplier that the product complies with all applicable European Directives. It does not mean these claims have been assessed, approved or verified by a third party. It does not imply certification by a European Union agency.

Responsibility :
It is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that all products submitted for a CE Mark meet all pertinent regulations. Not all products require third-party certification; however, such certification often helps assure manufacturers that their products are in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and European Directives.

Size :
The CE Mark is quite specific in its design. It must be affixed to the required product, it may not be smaller than 5mm in height, and all proportions must be maintained. The CE Mark is typically shown on a grid; however the grid is not part of the mark and is provided as a reference. It should be noted that the "C" and the "E" that comprise the CE Mark are not perfect semicircles.

Identification :
According to the UK's Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the itials "CE" have no specific meaning and do not stand for any particular words. The CE Mark is merely a manufacturer's declaration that its product complies with all requirements of the applicable European Directives.